RAV 4x4

RAV 4x4

Remote Access Vehicles, known as RAV Bus, build premium quality 2WD and 4WD bus modules. They are mounted on your preferred truck chassis, with models varying from 15 to 38 seats, suiting many applications for all-terrain travelling. RAV can be customised with many of the available options to meet the requirements of your operation.

25-38 seats 4x4

Chassis: MAN, Hino, Mercedes-Benz, Isuzu

15-22 seats 4x4

Chassis: Isuzu, Hino, Fuso

23-31 seats 4x2

Chassis: Fuso

*chassis specifications available after request

Standard Features

Sound isolation
Tinted windows
Package roof with climate-control air conditioning
Reclining seats with seat belts (leather, fabric or combined)
Arm rests
Storage for multiple size boots

Optional Features

Additional diesel and water tanks
LCD TV screens
Forward video camera
Foot rests and map pockets


Video coming soon...

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