Proma Low Floor E


Zero emissions electric version of BCI shorter low floor bus, available with metro seats (28) or seat-belted seats (29) with a new shape body, with great accessibility for disabled passengers and mirror less configuration for a better driver's vision of blind spots and low illuminated areas. Autonomy range exceeds 300 km on a battery charge load. 

Model Proma Low Floor E
Layout Zero Emissions Electric, Right hand drive
Engine Electric drive motor, TM4 Prestolite Motor Drive C100D-E
Max Output 282 kW
Emission Zero Emissions
Axles Front Axle: Hande IFS (5500kg)≤ 2500mm with
Knorr disc brakes.
Rear Axle: Hande to suit Electric vehicle. (8,000kg)
with Knorr disc brakes
Suspension Front suspension: Hande IFS.
Rear suspension: Koman with 2+4 air bellows,
ECAS: Raise & kneel function with yellow indicator
light on dash
Brakes Wabco EBS3 with features to maximise
regeneration in EV drive system during
deceleration, ABS, ESC. 2 circuit pneumatic brake
system and Knorr disc brakes on both axles
Tyres & Wheels Wheels: Polished Aluminium wheels
Tyres: 265/70R 22.5, Double Coin tubeless
Steering Bosch power steering
Batteries CATL x8
GVM 11,800 kg
Max Speed 100 km/h (limited)


9160 x 2420 x 3100 mm

Body & Frame

Fibreglass front and rear header panels, one piece fibreglass roof, Fibreglass stretch panels, aluminium lower skirt panelling, Australian standard Supagal steel frame


28 passengers metro style seats, or 29 3-point safety belt seats complying with ADR 68, the lower deck can fit up to 4 wheelchairs if required. ISRI driver's seat with automatic reset 3-point safety belt

Air Conditioning

Coach Air EX Series


2 storage areas above front wheel archs

Paint Options

Painting in fleet colours

Standard Features


Road-friendly airbag suspension

Electric front driver's blinds and mirrors

Dark tint saloon glass

Air conditioning

Dual-zone radio with driver's Bluetooth & PA system

Wheel arch storage area

Fold up wheelchair ramp

Remote keyless entry

Optional Features

MIrror less system

Cruise control


Electronic destination signs

Interior surveillance system

1 LCD TV screen

USB ports

Proma with Extra Wheelchairs 17 fixed seats + up to 4 wheelchairs positions + Driver
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