Citirider E


BCI presents in Australia their new Zero Emissions Citirider E on a low floor urban application, providing a safe, convenient, comfortable and environmentally friendly experience, reducing noise and exhaust emissions and making a significant contribution to delivering the governments' commitment on greenhouse gases reduction and air quality improvement.

Model Citirider
Layout Electric propulsion, right hand drive
Engine ECE 85
Max Output 350 Kw @ 3,500 Nm
Emission Zero Emissions
Frame 4003 Stainless Steel
Axles Hande
Suspension ZF Air Suspension with ECAS
Brakes Wabco ABS, ESC, EBS3, disc brakes
Tyres & Wheels Wheels: Polished Aluminium wheels 8.25x22.5
Tyres: 275/70R 22.5, Double Coin tubeless
Charging Time 3.5 hours 
Driving Range up to 350 km in urban conditions
Main Energy Storage System

Battery chemistry type LFP

Capacity 403 kWh

Nominal voltage 589 V

Batteries ECE 100.2 403 kWh 589 V
GVM 18,000 kg
Max Speed 100 km/h (limited)




12490 x 2495 x 3400 mm

Body & Frame

Fibreglass front and rear header panels, one piece fibreglass roof, Fibreglass stretch panels, 4003 Stainless steel body frame

Floor Height



45 metro Passenger seats & 20 standees

Air Conditioning



Wheel-arch storage

Paint Options

Painting in fleet colours

Standard Features

Cruise control
Stylish dark tint fixed windows
Reversing camera
Dual zone stereo
Electric front drivers blinds
Wheelchair accessible through front door with folding ramp

Drivers Bluetooth

Wheel-arch storage



Optional Features

Electronic destination board signs (front, side and rear)
Interior surveillance system
Enclosed driver's compartment
Electric wheelchair ramp
USB ports


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