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BCI Warranty on a New Bus is generally limited to 2 years or 100,000 km.

BCI warrants the body and associated BCI components to be free from defects in materials and factory workmanship, under conditions of normal use of service within Australia during the period commencing on the date of the vehicle’s original retail delivery to the customer or first user (whichever occurs first) and expiring 24 months (2 years) after that date or after the vehicle has travelled more than 100,000 km.

A Warranty Certificate will be issued at every New Vehicle’s delivery to ensure the start date is recorded by BCI Warranty department which may, at customer’s request, send you a copy of BCI Warranty Information Booklet, detailing Warranty Limitations, Owners, Manufacturer & Dealer Responsibilities.

Warrantable repairs required for secondary supplier components (for example: engine, transmission, air conditioning, axles and steering gears) may be claimed directly from the respective suppliers or request the BCI Dealer arrange this on customer’s behalf. The warranty on these components is covered by the manufacturers.

Problems that customer consider to be covered by warranty should be discussed with the closest Dealer immediately so that the necessary corrective action may be taken.

Parts Warranty covers a period of 1 year or 50,000 km whichever occurs soonest. This doesn’t apply to vehicles currently within the warranty period. BCI obligation for warranty cover has been fulfilled once the warranty period on the vehicle has expired.

In the event that the customer is unable to take the bus to a BCI Dealer for Warranty repairs, the nearest BCI Dealer must be advised if the intention is to have the Warranty repairs done by another service supplier chosen by either the customer or the BCI Dealer. The BCI Dealer will firstly confirm the repair is a Warrantable one and after obtaining an acceptable quote and necessary vehicle details from the service supplier, will issue the service supplier an order for the repairs to commence.

If you would like to raise any Warranty Claim to us please feel free to download, complete and submit a more detailed form from the links below and our closest Dealer will contact you for discussion.

BCI Customer Warranty Claim Form
Parts Warranty Requisition Form

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