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With the aim of contributing to a greener future and exploring alternatives to diesel vehicles, BCI was pioneering the distribution of the first electric buses in Australia already back in 2008. Motor drive technology has moved on since, but our clear bet for sustainable and environmentally friendlier sources of energy in transport remains. Hydrogen or electric, our versatility allows us to contemplate all possible solutions and tailor them to our customers applications.

BCI is committed to provide Zero Emissions buses with proven reliable technology in electric or hydrogen fuel cell drive. By far the most significant technological challenges are associated with the main energy system (battery packs for EV, hydrogen tanks for HFCB) on the bus. Safety is our highest priority, but other key factors are power density, life expectancy and cost.

The New Technology BCI buses will require either charging stations for their battery packs (ideally reducing the number of stations through a charging distribution station for simultaneous use by multiple buses at the same depot, choosing the cheapest cost-energy timeframes to optimize cost), or a hydrogen fuel cell (and hydrogen tanks installed at the bus roof for operational and safety reasons, with the regular supply of hydrogen being another key factor to ensure autonomy ranges and efficiency).

This new generation of BCI buses is a step forward triggered by our exposition to international markets, where we are permeable to understand the latest requirements from world leading companies, allowing our talented engineering team to portray their refreshing ideas into revolutionary designs that bring to Australia the best combined elements, totally adapted to our country's special conditions. 

Public fleet officers and private operators can have confidence that the BCI new technology buses will offer the high levels of safety and quality expected for the Australian travelling public. With these unique and innovative solutions, BCI grant the opportunity to travel to a much cleaner and efficient brand new world.

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